Avilable on AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Roku, Google Play and all mobile devices (Both Apple and Android systems). Raising the level for user experience on a streaming platform, for at home, on the go, or retail use. Live, VOD, or Shop.

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Take Control with Spot Retail!

Educate and entertain your customers, keep them engaged with your message, push the products and services you want.

control every aspect of your message

Take control of your dealers!
Better way to update and control the content around your products.

Quickly and Easy solution to reach your consumer for at home, and contiuing the message as they reach your retail store. Entertain and Educate through video content is a proven path to more sales, more positive feeling about your brand, and longer satisfaction with the purchase, adding to life long purchaser.

  • Change the content instantly
  • Adjust the content to reflet the consumer (Time of time, type of product, etc)
  • Go "Live" to bring events to the dealer floor
  • Cheap Alternative to Training
  • Devilery options by catagory, location, product, or select all


Adjust the content to the general public channel or what plays on the retail floor, simple to use admin tools.

Live Events

Bring Live Events to the retail floor, engage with Product Launches and Special Events

Adjust Feeds

Narrow down Loops or Live Feeds by Product, Location, Category, ect - Seperate by time of day or adjust by data to be most effective


Switch your monitors into a Live or recorded Live training tool, effective way to reach your staff


Connect all Devices

Sales tools avilable on phones, tablets, or TVs - bring the content to your customer, where ever they are


Spot Staff will be there to support you and your team, for building, updating or assisting with Live Events.

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